Hatter’s Church Organs is a St. Louis based organ company, whose workmanship can also be found throughout the United States from Florida to Alaska.  Hatter’s has introduced a new level of technology and time-honored organ building to the industry. We pride ourselves on the advanced organ technology that we use to preserve and maintain pipe, digital or hybrid church organs.

Our expertise is in servicing, repairing and renovating existing pipe and digital organs so that they continue to produce beautiful music for your church. Every church and their music ministry are unique with specific needs, visions, budgets and priorities. We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions; we treat each customer individually based on their needs.

Because most lay people don’t understand the organ and how it functions, we educate the music ministry committees so that they can recognize when the organ needs attention.

Because Hatters is a full-service organ company, we have access to many technologies which help the church avoid making costly mistakes resulting from not addressing organ problems.

Our Values

  • Faith first – With a servant’s heart, we attend to others…our partners in business, faith and family.
  • Integrity prevails – We seek perfection and hold ourselves accountable to God’s standards for ourselves and our business practices.
  • Expertise and professionalism – We build a strong foundation of confidence from our experience, knowledge and expertise.
  • Priority scheduling – We are sensitive to church worship demands and prioritize our schedule accordingly.
  • Problems solved – With the end in mind we use all resources and adapt to provide the right solutions for service and renovation.
  • Responsibly efficient – We are responsible with our customers’ investments by making the most efficient use of our time.
  • Humility wins – We maintain courtesy, respect and positive attitudes from humility by our understanding of grace.
  • Team cohesion – We capitalize on each other’s strengths to ensure the best service for our customers.
  • Future-focused – We are willing to grow and explore new technologies for our success in providing the greatest value to our customers.
  • Plain truth – We are quick to listen, slow to speak and transparent in our communication with one another and those we serve.
  • Self-starting – We are motivated to grow ourselves and our company proactively through intentionally serving the traditional music community.
  • Invested in success – We are personally responsible for achieving success as a company.
  • Seriously fun – We balance professionalism and camaraderie.  We celebrate all wins!
  • Committed to service – We are willing to “call” and “be called” on Our Commitment to Serve.