Church Organ Renovation

Although Hatter’s makes every effort to repair and properly fix issues with your organ, there are situations when repairs are impractical and will not correct the performance of or fix an organ. That’s when renovation becomes necessary.

Both pipe and electronic organs can be renovated. There are three major components we inspect to determine the extent of renovation that is necessary. They are the pipes, the wind-chests and related components, and the console and related components.

It all starts with the pipes because they are the largest asset in an organ and hold the most sentimental value. As long as a pipe organ has good quality pipe work, physically and tonally, it is an excellent candidate for renovation.

Some situations that may warrant organ renovation include:

  • The organ has age-related deterioration
  • The organ has never been overhauled
  • The repair items are a result of antiquated technology
  • The instrument has suffered damage from a catastrophic event, such as:
    • Flood
    • Leaky roofs
    • Lightning
    • Power outage/surge
    • Rodent invasion
  • The organ tonality doesn’t meet the requirements of the music ministry

Some types of renovations we perform are:

  • Digital additions
  • Pipe additions
  • New chests
  • New console or controls
  • Re-leathering

Hatter’s Church Organs has the experts needed to repair, renovate and preserve your organ to sustain long-term support of your sacred music ministry! Because we have the skills and knowledge in-house to maintain your organ, we do not have to contract with outside parties.

In fact, other organ companies hire us to service their organs and those of their clients when the project requires expertise from Hatter’s.

We do all the work ourselves, which allows for direct pricing and the most thorough understanding of the repair at hand.

Don’t settle for an organ that sounds less than perfect! If your organ needs improvement, contact us for a free consultation. We make sure you’re satisfied!