Church Organ Repair

Hatter’s Church Organs was born an organ service company and is still today, an organ service company at heart. Some organ companies are only interested in sales and don’t even do that full time!

What sets Hatter’s Church Organs apart from the others is our real-world experience and successful nationwide installations and repairs. Our entire staff, including the company officers, is composed of organ technicians and musicians. All we do are organs, day-in and day-out. We have the ability to repair almost any brand or type of organ ranging from basic to advanced digital and pipe organs.

We know that church leaders and music ministers take their role as stewards seriously. That’s why we make every effort to repair the organ, whenever possible. Preserving an existing instrument makes the best use of ministry funds.

It starts with a phone call from you that your organ is not working properly or there is something that may be broken or in disrepair. We will arrange an appointment to come to your site to interview your staff and inspect the instrument. We thoroughly evaluate the condition of the organ to determine the best course of action to achieve satisfactory performance. The inspection and analysis are free of charge to you!

We then document a plan of action with recommendations for both mechanical and musical upgrades for the organ. If we do not believe repairs will achieve satisfactory results, we will outline the next steps, which may include renovating the instrument or, as a last resort, replacing the organ with a new one.

Typical repairs to pipe, digital, or hybrid organs include, but are not limited to:

  • Pipe repair
  • Pipe voicing issues
  • Wind leaks
  • Re-leathering
  • Pneumatic and electronic console repairs
  • Ciphers and intermittent notes
  • Dead audio channels
  • Speaker distortion
  • Tuning

Hatter’s Church Organs has the experts needed to repair, renovate and preserve your organ to sustain long term support of your sacred music ministry! Because we have the skills and knowledge in-house to maintain your organ, we do not have to contract with outside parties.

In fact, other organ companies hire us to service their organs and those of their clients when the project requires expertise from Hatter’s.

We do all the work ourselves, which allows for direct pricing and the most thorough understanding of the repair at hand.

Don’t settle for an organ that sounds less than perfect! If your organ needs improvement, contact us for a free consultation. We make sure you’re satisfied!