Hybrid Church Organs

A hybrid organ is a combination between a digital and pipe organ. The hybrid can be a solution for older pipe organs with a failing console. The hybrid solution can also be an alternative to a smaller organ that is inadequate for the musical needs of a church.

Hybrid organs are used in areas of the country that are more advanced in technology. Some of the most high-profile churches and institutions have organs that are hybrid instruments.

Hybrid organs offer an optimal solution that provides advantages of both pipe and digital organs, while being less expensive to maintain. They offer the same visual and tonal quality of the pipe organs, depending on how many pipes they have. You can specify how many ranks you want on the hybrid organ, depending on your budget; but as few as 4-6 ranks will substantially improve the tonal result.

Pipe organs have limitations because of the cost of the pipes or the space required to incorporate the pipes. We don’t get rid of the existing pipes; we preserve them while adding new and fresh sounds as a facelift to the music ministry. Adding the digital technology allows better sound without adding more pipes.

Another advantage of the hybrid organ is that their digital voices don’t require tuning. Annual maintenance of hybrid organs is less involved and therefore costs less.

If you are interested in learning more about converting your current pipe organ into a hybrid, contact Hatter’s Church Organs to get more information. Hatter’s specializes in hybrid organs—converting, maintaining and making them sound beautiful!

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