New Church Organs

If repairing or renovating your organ simply doesn’t work or meet the standards you have, then replacing it with a new instrument is necessary. This may happen because the existing organ is in such an advanced state of disrepair, its technology is so obsolete, or the sound quality is so poor that renovations will not correct the problems.

If this is the case, or you’re ready for a tonal facelift to the next generation of music ministry, Hatter’s Church Organs can help you find a great replacement instrument. We partner with manufacturers with a huge selection of products and technologies, which allows us to provide you with many options in a range of prices to satisfy your specific vision.

Since windblown pipes are often re-purposed, new organs are typically digital. However, although a new pipe organ is rarely requested, our industry connections allow us to facilitate any conceivable design, tonal requirements, and expansion.

The 2000 year old history of organ building truly parallels the history of technology. In the same way the average smart phone has more computing power than even older computers, modern organ building technology has provided us with the ability to install digital and digital hybrid organs with astonishing realism for a fraction of the price. This affords the church with limited funds the ability to have a top-tier organ sound at an affordable price.

Much of the success in our installations comes from incomparable industry experience. Even our entry level installations easily fool the most discerning organ critics!

Hatter’s will work with your staff to determine your long-term music ministry requirements and budget. We will then design a custom project that meets your needs. Once approved, we place orders and begin manufacturing your instrument. Lead times vary based on the overall size of the project but most can be completed within 4-6 months of signing. Once installed, our voicers go to work molding the tonal spectrum of the organ specifically to your church.

Hatter’s Church Organs has the experts needed to repair, renovate and preserve your organ to sustain long term support of your sacred music ministry! Because we have the skills and knowledge in-house to maintain your organ, we do not have to contract with outside parties.

In fact, other organ companies hire us to service their organs and those of their clients when the project requires expertise from Hatter’s.

We do all the work ourselves, which allows for direct pricing and the most thorough understanding of the repair at hand.